The 3 Amigos meet some Wildlife

“Meet the 3 Sisters in Katoomba. We decided it would be a tragedy if the boys didn’t get to view the iconic “Three Sisters” in Katoomba. We decided we would go to our sneaky lookout where there are usually no visitors instead of having to struggle through hundreds of tourists at Echo Point. We found a very obliging photographer who was only too happy to take a shot of the five of us. It did take a bit of explaining as to why It’s a pretty tricky business though. The little guys are just that and if they managed to fall over the edge it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!! Imagine trying to convince the State Emergency Services to come and rescue them!! Rest assured we were taking no chances and we both had a very firm grip on their hind legs 🙂
Can you imagine the uproar from blippers around the world if we had allowed them to tumble into the canyon below!!

They almost had a close encounter with Wilma the Wallaby  this morning.”

The 3 Amigos in OZ

The landscape of Australia is stunning.  I wish I was tagging along with the 3 Amigos as they are enjoying incredible vistas!

“Wow, what a day the five of us have had today. We decided to take a break for the Alternative Olympics Stadium and take the “Three Amigos” to one of our most iconic Lookouts in the Blue Mountains. As you can see, we weren’t taking any chances with our precious visitors and CCN had a firm hold on their hind legs. I think the boys were absolutely blown away by what lay before them and we couldn’t have picked a better day to show them the Grose Valley and Pulpit Rock.”

File 16-2-18, 5 15 28 pm

“In the morning we took them to visit our two wonderful friends Jim and Marg. We wanted to introduce them to show them the wonderful tapestry work that Jim does. They were very impressed to say the least when we told them that Jim who’s 90 in August always wins the tapestry section in the local Craft Show. Jim thought they would be interested in seeing a Kookaburra for the first time.”

File 16-2-18, 5 23 27 pm

The 3 Amigos in Wombat Hollow

Australians are the coolest people ever.  The 3 Amigos have had a wonderful visit with Walking Wombat and CCN, who have taken them on delightful adventures.

Did you know that Australia is hosting an Alternative Olympics? Well, not really, but I love their sense of humor. Read Walking Wombat’s description of the event:

“We promised we would treat the “Three Amigos” like Royalty and we were able to deliver in spades when they found themselves in the front row seats at the Water Acrobatic Event a the Alternative Olympic Games. It was a bit grim for a while as it seemed the Aussie Fantails were a bit thrown by the arrival of having three Americans at such close quarters. I was doubtful that they would make an appearance at all. But being the little troopers that they are they soon made up for their tardy entrance and produced a Gold Medal performance. I have added an extra of the team who took silver and I’d love your opinion as to whether they should have actually taken the Gold!! All in all, Gold and Silver for Australia is a mighty effort and has given the rest of the Aussie Team a big boost. We’re really looking forward to introducing the “Three Amigos” to Harriett Bailey tomorrow. It’s not often an 8 week old Schnauzer puppy would have had the experience of meeting overseas visitors so it’s going to be quite an event.”

File 16-2-18, 5 18 42 pm

The boys needed a bit of a rest after the Olympics, so they had a quiet visit with the beautiful Harriet.

File 16-2-18, 5 17 42 pm


The 3 Amigos Race to the Finish

Oh wow, the boys are getting more and more daring.  They took a trip around the racetrack at Mt. Panorama.  Our friend, 59, describes the day:

“What a fun day. After lunch we toured Mt Panorama our famous race track. Here are Kelso, Rowan and Trigger on the starting grid ready for the 6.213km journey. We tried to beat the record of 2 minutes 1second but came in about 20 minutes late after stopping to admire the view and escape the police who sit at the bottom of the main straight to catch anyone going too fast.”


After this adventure, the boys stopped by to visit a church in Kelso.  So happy to have a picture of Kelso in Kelso!

“The main picture was taken at the Holy Trinity Church in Kelso which is a suburb on the eastern banks of the mighty Macquarie River. If you walk across you get wet up to the knees….but it is pretty “mighty” as it keeps on flowing all the way to South Australia thousands of miles away. Kelso was settled in 1816, previously inhabited by Aboriginal people from the Wiradjuri Nation. This is the oldest inland church in Australia ( 1835). We were thrilled to find a sign to take with the Amigos.”

The 3 Amigos are being spoiled

The boys are continuing to have the time of their lives in Australia.  Their third stop on the tour was with our friend “59” who actually took Kelso to the town of Kelso.

The pictures feature our friends WalkingWombat, CCN and 59, and the handsome pup, Tommy.  What incredibly wonderful hosts the boys have found down under.

The 3 Amigos Down Under

Kelso, Trigger and Rowan arrived in Sydney, Australia, to visit our good friend, Beckett. Beckett is coordinating the tour of OZ for the boys.  He arranged for a warm welcome from members of the Blackheath Photo Group, pictured above.

Here is his description of their first few days in Australia.

,,,, after a good rest, the 3 Amigos World Tour took on a surprise meeting today!

Kelso, Trigger, and Rowan  were keen to head out and watch some of the Alternative Olympics after the fantastic Opening Ceremony last night, and after a tour of the mighty  Nepean River area it was time for some more R & R! (commonly called jet lag after travelling the long haul down under).
Blossom the whippet from next door went into “overdrive” when she spotted the guys coming inside. Well, what can you do, we went into have a chat with Blossom.
The guys were spoilt and welcomed onto her favourite rest spot for a chat!


…. our Blackheath Photo Club had a fun day today at the Bathurst Race Cup Day. Country Races days anywhere in Australia are fun, as no doubt they are anywhere.
The 3 Amigos on their World Tour had a super day, helping out the Bookies taking bets, etc etc, but I liked this one of them saying hi to Kaylee jockey of horse Danish Lace.
Rowan, Kelso and Trigger have really settled into the Aussie way!

11th Feb 2018 Bathurst Races Kaylee and Danish Lace copy

The story continues…

The Journey Begins

The 3 Amigos are my dogs: Irish Wolfhounds Kelso and  Rowan, and Trigger, a Greyhound.  They have their own Instagram account (@wolfhoundgreyhound) and I post photos of them on Facebook and on Blipfoto. I love my dogs so much I had miniatures of them made in felt.

I’ve made a lot of friends on these social media sites and I wish I could visit all of them.  That’s not possible, so I decided that my miniature felties could travel the world on my behalf.

Friends from all corners of the world have offered to host the 3 Amigos and post photos of them.  This blog is the place where I will capture their adventures.

I hope you will enjoy watching the 3 Amigos as they travel around the world.  Thanks for joining us, and please sign up to receive notifications when I publish new posts.