The 3 Amigos meet some Wildlife

“Meet the 3 Sisters in Katoomba. We decided it would be a tragedy if the boys didn’t get to view the iconic “Three Sisters” in Katoomba. We decided we would go to our sneaky lookout where there are usually no visitors instead of having to struggle through hundreds of tourists at Echo Point. We found a very obliging photographer who was only too happy to take a shot of the five of us. It did take a bit of explaining as to why It’s a pretty tricky business though. The little guys are just that and if they managed to fall over the edge it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!! Imagine trying to convince the State Emergency Services to come and rescue them!! Rest assured we were taking no chances and we both had a very firm grip on their hind legs 🙂
Can you imagine the uproar from blippers around the world if we had allowed them to tumble into the canyon below!!

They almost had a close encounter with Wilma the Wallaby  this morning.”

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