Western Australia hosts the 3 Amigos


Australia is a huge continent with a very varied landscape, from beautiful beaches and rivers to towering mountains and areas of lush greenery.  The 3 Amigos traveled to Western Austalia to see two friends, ninniex and Doyley22.  (Remember, many of the people hosting the boys belong to an online community of photographers, and many choose “screen names” for their posts.)

ninniex greeted the boys and they were unpacked and freshened up.  They were ready to go and see some sights.

The 3 Amigos arrive in Perth, Western AustraliaWhat a way to begin their tour!  The boys got to visit Kings Park in Western Austalia where they could see the beautiful city of Perth in the background…


and have their photo taken with a huge plant, the tall Mulla Mulla, endemic to Western Australia.


Then, on to the beach.  The 3 Amigos absolutely love to sunbathe and play in the sand, even when they dare to go where dogs may not always be welcomed!


All this traveling about was making the 3 Amigos very hungry,  It’s a good thing there was a birthday in Doyley22’s family, and her husband shared his apple pie (and wine!) with the boys.  That Trigger does enjoy a nip now and then.


I hate to admit it, but the boys misbehaved a bit (maybe it was the wine?) and they  wound up in the dogouse (dollhouse?).  You can see Trigger is definitely the worse for wear.



The 3 Amigos, fully rested, moved on to  Geographe Bay. The turquoise waters of the bay are beautiful, and this area is known for its fine wines.

3 Amigos world tour-1

The 3 Amigos had a meetup with MissE, Sheba and Torvi (aka the Torvinator).

ninniex invited the boys for a very cool adventure.  I’ll let her describe it:

Skullduggery afoot…..

….with those 3 Amigos!

I mentioned that there just might be BONES in the paddock next to our house. Well! That Trigger was off, followed closely by Kelso and Rowan! And what trophies they gathered. Skulls!!!
They then helped with chainsawing the fallen trees, found a beautiful mossy log and finished off with a swing before the rain curtailed their fun.

The 3 Amigos ended their tour of Western Australia at beautiful Yallingup Reef. This area offers the ideal conditions for world class waves and many surfing tournaments are held at Yallingup Beach.



Next stop — Singapore!

Back to our friends Down Under

The 3 Amigos enjoyed a quick trip over to New Zealand, and their Kiwi hosts showed them a fabulous time.  Hard to believe that they have been on their World Tour since February 9, 2018, when they arrived in Australia to begin their tour.

Feb 9 Arrival Australia

Their first Aussie host was kind enough to take them on a second tour: “After a short sleep to catch up from the flight over the ditch from New Zealand, they kept on about the gardens here in Aussie. And pestered me to let them check at the Grevilleas so they could maybe chase some lorikeets. Well no lorikeets, but they had a fun time (as dogs do) just sniffing around the yard.”


“The 3 Amigos on their ongoing World Tour wanted to see the mighty Hawkesbury River ( an extension of the mighty Nepean River) before we head North tomorrow.

Here they are looking at the North Richmond Bridge crossing and as you can see the river has a good width here.”


They had a chance to meet up with some friends they’ve met along the way, jensphotos and Gitama and posed with more Aussie buddies at Sydney Harbor.

The boys had an interesting close-up encounter with a rosella, and its proximity and squawking unnerved them a bit. (Just check out Trigger’s ears!)


“One spot they really enjoyed as we had a cuppa and they some water and feed, was here at Ulmarra, a small town with quite some history on the Clarence River. The name comes from the Aboriginal name meaning ‘bend in the river.’
As you can see the river is quite a size and the cable ferry across it still transports cars etc across to the other side.”


This is one of my favorite shots of the boys.  They visited a town called Port Macquarie and the boys were eager to get out and make friends with the Pelicans.


They bid their friends adieu as they headed to their next adventures on Australia’s west coast.  Their Aussie buddies created this great collage as a memento of their adventures so far.

The story continues…

3 Amigos Collage NSW

The 3 Amigos meet 2 Beauties!

Photo 23-4-18, 11 23 20 am

The boys were lucky enough to spend time with “newzealandmama,” her husband and her two beautiful children, Mila and Una.

New Zealand is a spectacularly beautiful country and one of the prettiest sights is Tūpare, a former family home in the Arts & Crafts/Tudor style surrounded by a 3.6 ha garden in New Plymouth, New Zealand that is now owned and operated by the Taranaki Regional Council as a public park.

Photo 22-4-18, 12 04 25 pm (1)

Mila took the amigos hiking in Egmont National Park where they all enjoyed the forest and the waterfalls.

Photo 25-4-18, 11 09 22 am

The 3 Amigos discovered the joys of riding in a pram, swinging on a swing, and just hanging around with a friend.


Climbing trees can tire anyone out, so after a very active day, the 3 Amigos and their new friends took a well-deserved rest.

New Zealand Adventures

Ernest Rutherford 8.4.18

The 3 Amigos continue their tour of beautiful New Zealand.  They made the acquaintance of Lord Ernest Rutherford, born in Brightwater, Nelson.  He was a great scientist and the person who split the atom.  He has an element named after him…Rutherfordium and was the first to turn nitrogen into oxygen.

New Zealand must be a paradise for food and drink, because the boys are living it up at every opportunity.  Their visit to Nelson was a case of perfect timing, as they were able to help NelsonGal celebrate her birthday.

Now, Trigger is the instigator and it doesn’t take much for him to get into trouble.  I guess he wanted to try his hand at rock climbing.  Glad Kelso & Rowan were there to help him back up.

What is Trigger doing down there! 5.4.18 (1)

The 3 Amigos had a little nip to soothe their jangled nerves after their adventures. They do look quite relaxed, don’t they?

Drinkies 10.4.18

Even the most joyful adventures must come to an end.  The 3 Amigos are sad to leave NelsonGal. but are looking forward to meeting their next host, newzealandmama.

Stay tuned!

New Plymouth bound 11.4.18

Happy Easter from New Zealand

Hunting the Snark maybe

The 3 Amigos are having the time of their lives in New Zealand.  Lucky for them, they’re enjoying Easter while they’re visiting with my friend, Nelson Gal.  She took them out for an Easter egg hunt and they each zeroed in on a treasure.

They enjoyed meeting new friends, furry and four-footed, just like them:

The boys went for or a walk along the beautiful Tahunanui Beach and Nelson Gal allowed them to explore a bit and rest in the driftwood.

I think the 3 Amigos are really enjoying their grand adventure.  Trigger sure looks like he’s enjoying the road trip. Great views, Trig!

Trigger on the bus this morning 27.3.18

And at the end of the day, the 3 Amigos snuggled into a nice, warm bed.  Thank you for being the hostess with the most-ess, Nelson Gal!

Tuckered out after their morning on the beach

Melbourne and More


The 3 Amigos in Melbourne, Australia.  What could be finer?  My friend, and their host, “Barking,” describes their visit:

“There isn’t much more iconic Melbourne than Flinder’s St Station, built in 1854 – the first railway station to be built in any Australian city, then called the Terminus. The fact that the Eureka Sky Tower, Melbourne’s tallest building, made an appearance in this shot was a bonus.”

I love that this photo looks like a vintage postcard and I must say that the boys looks quite smug in their bag, joined by Cousteau, their Aussie buddy.

Barking made sure the boys stayed entertained, with a personal serenade:


The 3 Amigos joined Mr and Mrs B for a beer in the evening.  (Watch out for that Trigger, he has a hollow leg)


And look who they got to meet – the handsome and famous Galahad!  He is a superstar, a therapy dog, and is going to be featured in a movie! What a way to wind up their time here and get ready for their next adventure. I do believe that Kelso was especially pleased to meet an Irish Wolfhound as kind and gentle as he is.  Rowan wanted to play, of course!


Ready to travel! Hmmm, I think Cousteau is ready to join the tour, camera at the ready.


See you all at the next stop.

I promised you Kangaroos

…and here they are!


The 3 Amigos had quite the adventure with my friend, Barking.  She lives in Victoria, not far from Melbourne.  I’ve learned quite a lot through the boys’ tour down under.  I thought kangaroos pracically lived in everyone’s back yards, but apparently they are not seen that often and are difficult to photograph, as they seem to disappear as soon as someone takes out a camera.  So, this shot of the 3 Amigos and their friend Bluppet Cousteau with real kangaroos in the background is quite a treasure.

The boys also got to go camping in the wilds of Australia.  My boys, the bushwhackers!  They then got to visit a very beautiful part of the country – Echuca, on the banks of the Murray River.  They posed in front of the Emmy Lou, a paddle steamer that travels up and down the river.


More adventures to come, including a trip to beautiful Melbourne.



The 3 Amigos meet Cousteau
The 4 Amigos Down Under

The 3 Amigos have settled in with their host, Barking, in Australia and are having a grand time.

I realized that some of you reading these entries may wonder at some of the (unusual?) names my host families have (Walking Wombat, Barking, etc.). We are all members of an online community, Blipfoto. Once you join, you commit to posting one photo online every day.  It’s a great way to create a photographic record of your life’s moments, big and small.  I am known as Kelso online,  Please visit and see what it’s all about.  You may want to make up a name for yourself and join our community.

Back to Barking.  I have to tell you that I admire her very much.  She loved, and was loved by, her very handsome Vizsla, Cousteau. Sadly, he passed away just before the 3 Amigos arrived, but she went ahead with her hosting duties and showed the visitors a fabulous time.  Here are a few photos of the boys getting acquainted with her “Bluppet” Cousteau, which a friend made for her.  He made a great addition to the group, and for a while they were known as the “4 Amigos.”

Wait til you see what else they got up to.  Kangaroos are in their future.  Stay tuned!



Farewell to Newcastle, we have places to go!

Saying goodby 27-2-18.jpg

The 3 Amigos had quite an exciting visit with their friend Jenny in Newcastle.  All good things must come to an end, and the boys are looking forward to their next adventure.  They are on their way to meet another Australian host, named Barking. Here they are, bags and all, at the Newcastle, Australia train station.

The boys have fond memories of their time with Hamish and Poppy, who welcomed them with open paws and took them for a stroll on the beach.  I will let Jenny describe their adventures, including trips to a nursing home and helping register folks for a triathlon.

“You really need to see the three amigos in the flesh to see just how exquisite they are.  They arrived safely in Newie today from the Wombats and I took them home to meet Hamish and Poppy.  I had worded Hamish and Poppy up of course.  DONT TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO PLAYING!!!!!!!!!! SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I overdid the rules of diplomacy and you can see how nervous my two were meeting the amigos.  Still better than the reactions of some world leaders I have seen recently.

We took the three Amigos to Nobbys beach and then walked them down the breakwall to pose with Nobbys headland with the lighthouse and signal house behind them.

I have to say that the Three Amigos were a great hit.  Quite a few people stopped and admired them and I was pleased to tell those that enquired  that the amigos were on a world tour and had already been to Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Bathurst.  I have promised myself in the future to get a few shots of their interactions with the locals which might be a happy memory for them of their trip.”

“The pooches are exhausted.  They came to the Nursing Home with Hamish and me in the morning and were much admired by the residents.    In the afternoon, they helped out at the Triathlon registrations (the firm I work for are a major sponsor of the event and tomorrow I am doing the photos so it will be a big day for me.  The Amigos are going to have to stay home with Hamish and Poppy). ”

touring the Hunter Valley 26-2-18

“I had some spare time at lunch today and so decided to take the Three Amigos into the Hunter Valley wine region.  It is about 35 minutes in good traffic from Newcastle so not far.  It’s wines (shiraz and semillon) are regarded as quite good.  The first plantings in the region were in 1825 by James Busby who collected extensive cuttings from Europe and South Africa.  Of course the area was long inhabited by the Wonnarua tribe who got there about 30,000 years ahead of the Europeans –  well before any dreams of wine were thought of.

This is a spot I like to take people to because you get a good view over the wineries looking back East towards Cessnock which you can see better in the second extra..

Kelso, no wine tasting was allowed and the boys were all under strict control.”

The adventure continues.  Stay tuned…




After we finished the registrations  I think they had their first experience in an Aussie pub (second extra).

Surfin’ Hounds


The 3 Amigos are really turning into daredevils in the land down under.  Look at them showing off!  (Look closely at the surfboard and you’ll see them hangin’ 10!) They are visiting their friend jen in Newcastle and she took them down to the beach for a quick dip.

“I promised the Three Amigos I would take them to surfest.  Surfest is an annual surfing competition at Merewether beach and has attracted world class surfers this year.  The finals will be held over the weekend.  The heats have been going on alll week.

The comp was over for today but there were a few out practising.  This chap who gave the Amigos the ride of their lives was practising for the air competition.  He certainly was getting plenty of air here.”