Back to our friends Down Under

The 3 Amigos enjoyed a quick trip over to New Zealand, and their Kiwi hosts showed them a fabulous time.  Hard to believe that they have been on their World Tour since February 9, 2018, when they arrived in Australia to begin their tour.

Feb 9 Arrival Australia

Their first Aussie host was kind enough to take them on a second tour: “After a short sleep to catch up from the flight over the ditch from New Zealand, they kept on about the gardens here in Aussie. And pestered me to let them check at the Grevilleas so they could maybe chase some lorikeets. Well no lorikeets, but they had a fun time (as dogs do) just sniffing around the yard.”


“The 3 Amigos on their ongoing World Tour wanted to see the mighty Hawkesbury River ( an extension of the mighty Nepean River) before we head North tomorrow.

Here they are looking at the North Richmond Bridge crossing and as you can see the river has a good width here.”


They had a chance to meet up with some friends they’ve met along the way, jensphotos and Gitama and posed with more Aussie buddies at Sydney Harbor.

The boys had an interesting close-up encounter with a rosella, and its proximity and squawking unnerved them a bit. (Just check out Trigger’s ears!)


“One spot they really enjoyed as we had a cuppa and they some water and feed, was here at Ulmarra, a small town with quite some history on the Clarence River. The name comes from the Aboriginal name meaning ‘bend in the river.’
As you can see the river is quite a size and the cable ferry across it still transports cars etc across to the other side.”


This is one of my favorite shots of the boys.  They visited a town called Port Macquarie and the boys were eager to get out and make friends with the Pelicans.


They bid their friends adieu as they headed to their next adventures on Australia’s west coast.  Their Aussie buddies created this great collage as a memento of their adventures so far.

The story continues…

3 Amigos Collage NSW

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