The 3 Amigos meet 2 Beauties!

Photo 23-4-18, 11 23 20 am

The boys were lucky enough to spend time with “newzealandmama,” her husband and her two beautiful children, Mila and Una.

New Zealand is a spectacularly beautiful country and one of the prettiest sights is Tūpare, a former family home in the Arts & Crafts/Tudor style surrounded by a 3.6 ha garden in New Plymouth, New Zealand that is now owned and operated by the Taranaki Regional Council as a public park.

Photo 22-4-18, 12 04 25 pm (1)

Mila took the amigos hiking in Egmont National Park where they all enjoyed the forest and the waterfalls.

Photo 25-4-18, 11 09 22 am

The 3 Amigos discovered the joys of riding in a pram, swinging on a swing, and just hanging around with a friend.


Climbing trees can tire anyone out, so after a very active day, the 3 Amigos and their new friends took a well-deserved rest.

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