New Zealand Adventures

Ernest Rutherford 8.4.18

The 3 Amigos continue their tour of beautiful New Zealand.  They made the acquaintance of Lord Ernest Rutherford, born in Brightwater, Nelson.  He was a great scientist and the person who split the atom.  He has an element named after him…Rutherfordium and was the first to turn nitrogen into oxygen.

New Zealand must be a paradise for food and drink, because the boys are living it up at every opportunity.  Their visit to Nelson was a case of perfect timing, as they were able to help NelsonGal celebrate her birthday.

Now, Trigger is the instigator and it doesn’t take much for him to get into trouble.  I guess he wanted to try his hand at rock climbing.  Glad Kelso & Rowan were there to help him back up.

What is Trigger doing down there! 5.4.18 (1)

The 3 Amigos had a little nip to soothe their jangled nerves after their adventures. They do look quite relaxed, don’t they?

Drinkies 10.4.18

Even the most joyful adventures must come to an end.  The 3 Amigos are sad to leave NelsonGal. but are looking forward to meeting their next host, newzealandmama.

Stay tuned!

New Plymouth bound 11.4.18

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