Melbourne and More


The 3 Amigos in Melbourne, Australia.  What could be finer?  My friend, and their host, “Barking,” describes their visit:

“There isn’t much more iconic Melbourne than Flinder’s St Station, built in 1854 – the first railway station to be built in any Australian city, then called the Terminus. The fact that the Eureka Sky Tower, Melbourne’s tallest building, made an appearance in this shot was a bonus.”

I love that this photo looks like a vintage postcard and I must say that the boys looks quite smug in their bag, joined by Cousteau, their Aussie buddy.

Barking made sure the boys stayed entertained, with a personal serenade:


The 3 Amigos joined Mr and Mrs B for a beer in the evening.  (Watch out for that Trigger, he has a hollow leg)


And look who they got to meet – the handsome and famous Galahad!  He is a superstar, a therapy dog, and is going to be featured in a movie! What a way to wind up their time here and get ready for their next adventure. I do believe that Kelso was especially pleased to meet an Irish Wolfhound as kind and gentle as he is.  Rowan wanted to play, of course!


Ready to travel! Hmmm, I think Cousteau is ready to join the tour, camera at the ready.


See you all at the next stop.

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