The Journey Begins

The 3 Amigos are my dogs: Irish Wolfhounds Kelso and  Rowan, and Trigger, a Greyhound.  They have their own Instagram account (@wolfhoundgreyhound) and I post photos of them on Facebook and on Blipfoto. I love my dogs so much I had miniatures of them made in felt.

I’ve made a lot of friends on these social media sites and I wish I could visit all of them.  That’s not possible, so I decided that my miniature felties could travel the world on my behalf.

Friends from all corners of the world have offered to host the 3 Amigos and post photos of them.  This blog is the place where I will capture their adventures.

I hope you will enjoy watching the 3 Amigos as they travel around the world.  Thanks for joining us, and please sign up to receive notifications when I publish new posts.


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