The 3 Amigos Down Under

Kelso, Trigger and Rowan arrived in Sydney, Australia, to visit our good friend, Beckett. Beckett is coordinating the tour of OZ for the boys.  He arranged for a warm welcome from members of the Blackheath Photo Group, pictured above.

Here is his description of their first few days in Australia.

,,,, after a good rest, the 3 Amigos World Tour took on a surprise meeting today!

Kelso, Trigger, and Rowan  were keen to head out and watch some of the Alternative Olympics after the fantastic Opening Ceremony last night, and after a tour of the mighty  Nepean River area it was time for some more R & R! (commonly called jet lag after travelling the long haul down under).
Blossom the whippet from next door went into “overdrive” when she spotted the guys coming inside. Well, what can you do, we went into have a chat with Blossom.
The guys were spoilt and welcomed onto her favourite rest spot for a chat!


…. our Blackheath Photo Club had a fun day today at the Bathurst Race Cup Day. Country Races days anywhere in Australia are fun, as no doubt they are anywhere.
The 3 Amigos on their World Tour had a super day, helping out the Bookies taking bets, etc etc, but I liked this one of them saying hi to Kaylee jockey of horse Danish Lace.
Rowan, Kelso and Trigger have really settled into the Aussie way!

11th Feb 2018 Bathurst Races Kaylee and Danish Lace copy

The story continues…

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