The 3 Amigos meet Cousteau
The 4 Amigos Down Under

The 3 Amigos have settled in with their host, Barking, in Australia and are having a grand time.

I realized that some of you reading these entries may wonder at some of the (unusual?) names my host families have (Walking Wombat, Barking, etc.). We are all members of an online community, Blipfoto. Once you join, you commit to posting one photo online every day.  It’s a great way to create a photographic record of your life’s moments, big and small.  I am known as Kelso online,  Please visit and see what it’s all about.  You may want to make up a name for yourself and join our community.

Back to Barking.  I have to tell you that I admire her very much.  She loved, and was loved by, her very handsome Vizsla, Cousteau. Sadly, he passed away just before the 3 Amigos arrived, but she went ahead with her hosting duties and showed the visitors a fabulous time.  Here are a few photos of the boys getting acquainted with her “Bluppet” Cousteau, which a friend made for her.  He made a great addition to the group, and for a while they were known as the “4 Amigos.”

Wait til you see what else they got up to.  Kangaroos are in their future.  Stay tuned!



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