Farewell to Newcastle, we have places to go!

Saying goodby 27-2-18.jpg

The 3 Amigos had quite an exciting visit with their friend Jenny in Newcastle.  All good things must come to an end, and the boys are looking forward to their next adventure.  They are on their way to meet another Australian host, named Barking. Here they are, bags and all, at the Newcastle, Australia train station.

The boys have fond memories of their time with Hamish and Poppy, who welcomed them with open paws and took them for a stroll on the beach.  I will let Jenny describe their adventures, including trips to a nursing home and helping register folks for a triathlon.

“You really need to see the three amigos in the flesh to see just how exquisite they are.  They arrived safely in Newie today from the Wombats and I took them home to meet Hamish and Poppy.  I had worded Hamish and Poppy up of course.  DONT TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO PLAYING!!!!!!!!!! SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I overdid the rules of diplomacy and you can see how nervous my two were meeting the amigos.  Still better than the reactions of some world leaders I have seen recently.

We took the three Amigos to Nobbys beach and then walked them down the breakwall to pose with Nobbys headland with the lighthouse and signal house behind them.

I have to say that the Three Amigos were a great hit.  Quite a few people stopped and admired them and I was pleased to tell those that enquired  that the amigos were on a world tour and had already been to Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Bathurst.  I have promised myself in the future to get a few shots of their interactions with the locals which might be a happy memory for them of their trip.”

“The pooches are exhausted.  They came to the Nursing Home with Hamish and me in the morning and were much admired by the residents.    In the afternoon, they helped out at the Triathlon registrations (the firm I work for are a major sponsor of the event and tomorrow I am doing the photos so it will be a big day for me.  The Amigos are going to have to stay home with Hamish and Poppy). ”

touring the Hunter Valley 26-2-18

“I had some spare time at lunch today and so decided to take the Three Amigos into the Hunter Valley wine region.  It is about 35 minutes in good traffic from Newcastle so not far.  It’s wines (shiraz and semillon) are regarded as quite good.  The first plantings in the region were in 1825 by James Busby who collected extensive cuttings from Europe and South Africa.  Of course the area was long inhabited by the Wonnarua tribe who got there about 30,000 years ahead of the Europeans –  well before any dreams of wine were thought of.

This is a spot I like to take people to because you get a good view over the wineries looking back East towards Cessnock which you can see better in the second extra..

Kelso, no wine tasting was allowed and the boys were all under strict control.”

The adventure continues.  Stay tuned…




After we finished the registrations  I think they had their first experience in an Aussie pub (second extra).

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