The 3 Amigos in Wombat Hollow

Australians are the coolest people ever.  The 3 Amigos have had a wonderful visit with Walking Wombat and CCN, who have taken them on delightful adventures.

Did you know that Australia is hosting an Alternative Olympics? Well, not really, but I love their sense of humor. Read Walking Wombat’s description of the event:

“We promised we would treat the “Three Amigos” like Royalty and we were able to deliver in spades when they found themselves in the front row seats at the Water Acrobatic Event a the Alternative Olympic Games. It was a bit grim for a while as it seemed the Aussie Fantails were a bit thrown by the arrival of having three Americans at such close quarters. I was doubtful that they would make an appearance at all. But being the little troopers that they are they soon made up for their tardy entrance and produced a Gold Medal performance. I have added an extra of the team who took silver and I’d love your opinion as to whether they should have actually taken the Gold!! All in all, Gold and Silver for Australia is a mighty effort and has given the rest of the Aussie Team a big boost. We’re really looking forward to introducing the “Three Amigos” to Harriett Bailey tomorrow. It’s not often an 8 week old Schnauzer puppy would have had the experience of meeting overseas visitors so it’s going to be quite an event.”

File 16-2-18, 5 18 42 pm

The boys needed a bit of a rest after the Olympics, so they had a quiet visit with the beautiful Harriet.

File 16-2-18, 5 17 42 pm


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