The 3 Amigos Race to the Finish

Oh wow, the boys are getting more and more daring.  They took a trip around the racetrack at Mt. Panorama.  Our friend, 59, describes the day:

“What a fun day. After lunch we toured Mt Panorama our famous race track. Here are Kelso, Rowan and Trigger on the starting grid ready for the 6.213km journey. We tried to beat the record of 2 minutes 1second but came in about 20 minutes late after stopping to admire the view and escape the police who sit at the bottom of the main straight to catch anyone going too fast.”


After this adventure, the boys stopped by to visit a church in Kelso.  So happy to have a picture of Kelso in Kelso!

“The main picture was taken at the Holy Trinity Church in Kelso which is a suburb on the eastern banks of the mighty Macquarie River. If you walk across you get wet up to the knees….but it is pretty “mighty” as it keeps on flowing all the way to South Australia thousands of miles away. Kelso was settled in 1816, previously inhabited by Aboriginal people from the Wiradjuri Nation. This is the oldest inland church in Australia ( 1835). We were thrilled to find a sign to take with the Amigos.”

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