Western Australia hosts the 3 Amigos


Australia is a huge continent with a very varied landscape, from beautiful beaches and rivers to towering mountains and areas of lush greenery.  The 3 Amigos traveled to Western Austalia to see two friends, ninniex and Doyley22.  (Remember, many of the people hosting the boys belong to an online community of photographers, and many choose “screen names” for their posts.)

ninniex greeted the boys and they were unpacked and freshened up.  They were ready to go and see some sights.

The 3 Amigos arrive in Perth, Western AustraliaWhat a way to begin their tour!  The boys got to visit Kings Park in Western Austalia where they could see the beautiful city of Perth in the background…


and have their photo taken with a huge plant, the tall Mulla Mulla, endemic to Western Australia.


Then, on to the beach.  The 3 Amigos absolutely love to sunbathe and play in the sand, even when they dare to go where dogs may not always be welcomed!


All this traveling about was making the 3 Amigos very hungry,  It’s a good thing there was a birthday in Doyley22’s family, and her husband shared his apple pie (and wine!) with the boys.  That Trigger does enjoy a nip now and then.


I hate to admit it, but the boys misbehaved a bit (maybe it was the wine?) and they  wound up in the dogouse (dollhouse?).  You can see Trigger is definitely the worse for wear.



The 3 Amigos, fully rested, moved on to  Geographe Bay. The turquoise waters of the bay are beautiful, and this area is known for its fine wines.

3 Amigos world tour-1

The 3 Amigos had a meetup with MissE, Sheba and Torvi (aka the Torvinator).

ninniex invited the boys for a very cool adventure.  I’ll let her describe it:

Skullduggery afoot…..

….with those 3 Amigos!

I mentioned that there just might be BONES in the paddock next to our house. Well! That Trigger was off, followed closely by Kelso and Rowan! And what trophies they gathered. Skulls!!!
They then helped with chainsawing the fallen trees, found a beautiful mossy log and finished off with a swing before the rain curtailed their fun.

The 3 Amigos ended their tour of Western Australia at beautiful Yallingup Reef. This area offers the ideal conditions for world class waves and many surfing tournaments are held at Yallingup Beach.



Next stop — Singapore!

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  1. Hello boys! I’m glad you are having such a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing it with us home bound folks! Travel safe and Trigger, behave with the wine!

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